Hi there!

This is a blog for undergraduate student-teachers of English Language Teaching at Middle East Technical University and for students who are learning to teach English in similar settings in Turkey and elsewhere. It is at the same time a medium for sharing knowledge, experience and insights as to learning, teaching and professional development by METU ELT students and alumni.

This blog has arisen out of a need to meet Foreign Language Education students’ questions and concerns as to learning and teaching English, career planning, MA applications, useful ELT websites and blogs and current ELT issues and events. This blog is intended to provide some introductory information on frequently asked questions especially by senior and junior students and to share the experience of student-teachers and practicing teachers on learning to teach. By shedding light on some of the issues of concern for students who are getting close to graduation, it will also help build a community spirit among FLE students, faculty and alumni.

Providing tips on career planning, teaching interviews, applications for graduate studies and publishing the thoughts, experience and emotions of student-teachers practicing teaching in real-life settings, we hope this blog will provide some useful hints to professional development of prospective teachers of English. As  the editorial committee, we would be more than happy to receive your contributions and suggestions to our blog.

If you want to contribute to our blog, please send your articles to “learning2teachenglish@gmail.com“.

Enjoy! :))

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