Pınar Yeşildağ, FLE Junior Student/ 2015

Is it really possible to make grammar lessons enjoyable? If you want, why not?

When we say ‘’ grammar’’ , many people think rules, verbs, nouns…etc. But, you can turn into them writing, reading or speaking skills with many enjoyable activities. Here, I would like to present some good stuff to make grammar lessons fun.

Do you get bored with traditional textbooks? Then, put them to one side. You do not need them anymore.

While surfing on the internet, I came across some useful and amusing things to use in a grammar lesson. If you like to read comic strips, I hope you will enjoy with my suggestions.

For the very beginners , there is a great book including cartoons. You can examine it: This book integrates comic strips into grammar lessons. It is for grades 4-8.

There is also a website that contains a growing archive of activities and resources for students, teachers and anyone who loves English. Meet GrammarMan! In this first episode, we are introduced to GrammarMan and his friends. Help our correction-crusading hero by finding the eight mistakes in the story. Click on the picture and start exploring!

Also, the students can create their own comics. There are several helpful websites such as Pixton and Strip Generator. Strip Generator allows you to draw your comic strips using characters and objects provided in the library. Pixton is another great tool which students can use to create comic strips.

Using comics in the classroom have several benefits for the students. They give life to those boring lesson plans, they provide students with engagement and they also enhance students communicative and linguistic knowledge.

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